FRP Wall Louvers

Ventilation in Corrosive Atmospheres

Resolite's ResoFLO FRP gravity ventilation systems are designed to withstand the extremely corrosive environments often associated with pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, steel mills, metal treatment facilities, chlorine cell buildings, and wastewater treatment plants. Operating conditions at these types of industrial sites typically include deadly threats to building components, excess heat, moisture and corrosive gases, liquids and particulates. Working together, they can quickly destroy ordinary ventilation system components and impair critical production processes. Fiberglass reinforced polymer materials, with their excellent resistance to corrosive atmospheres, can substantially increase the service life of ventilation systems.

Product Data

Standard Features

  • Construction - High quality isophthalic polyester resin with a flame spread of 25* or less, UV stabilizers, C/W Barrier
  • Frame - 6" deep channel
  • Blades - Adjustable or Fixed
  • Hardware - 304 stainless steel
  • Minimum Size - 12" wide x 24" high
  • Maximum Size - 60" wide x 120" high
  • Colors - Stone White, Gray or Beige

Optional Features

  • Translucent Blades to allow for Natural Daylighting
  • Hardware - 316 stainless steel
  • Screen - 1/2" polyethylene mesh (stock)
    3/4" polyethylene mesh
    polyethylene insect screen
    1/2" stainless steel
  • Mullion Covers - for multiple installations
  • Special Color - (Minimum quantity requirements)



Technical information